Build better relationships using automated messaging
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Nurture your relationships to better conversion using automated messaging.

Automations allow you to compose and orchestrate simple or complex messaging paths by connecting events, messaging, actions, and conditions.  Our point and click, visual pathway builder brings it all together with ease.  Set it and continually refine your strategy to reap the benefits over and over again.

Orchestrate 1:1 journeys to build real success.

Send the right message to the right person at the right time, every time with automated messaging.   Learn about your subscribers interests to automatically segment by actions, tags and interests to present relevant, timely and compelling content that feels personal.  Guide your subscribers through a series of connected events, actions, and conditions to build completely customizable 1:1 subscriber journey’s that elate your customers and accomplish your business goals.

Start with our pre-made recipes for automation flows

Marketing automation does not have to be hard to understand.  Nor should it require a data scientist to design.  We’ve created simple but powerful pre-made recipes that do the heavy lifting for you.  From Newsletter-specific Welcome Emails to Product Up-sell to App Download, we’ve got you covered to get you up and running quickly.

Take it one step at a time.  No need to create complex funnels to perform simple tasks, we support simple automation rules as well.  You can still create individual automation rules with simple conditional statements to personalize content or send a targeted mailing.

See it all at-a-glance

See your entire automation journey in context and at-a-glance with our visual pathway builder.  Never be confused again as to the source of your conversions, and the particular journey taken by each and every one of your subscribers.  Experience your subscriber journey as your subscriber experiences it, with visual tracing of each journey in a simple to use on-screen tool.

Check for mailing, subscription or subscriber event activity

Test for any event and any and all message activity to decide what to do next.  Set the test wait duration, and check for specific open or link activity, subscription membership, tags or other attributes to meaningfully segment your audience.  Send further messages that contain relevant and action-oriented content that will be welcomed by your subscribers.

Build multiple branches and automation versions

Start and stop your automation journey’s, and build multiple variants to continually test and refine your strategy.  Experiment with length, cadence, frequency, and messaging content for each type of automation flow.  Simulate each pathway with real customer data and our Testing Inbox to experience each journey path exactly as each subscriber does.

Intuitive builder magically builds the steps for you as-you-go

Watch your pathways align to specific results as you build them and experience the journey the same way your subscriber does.  Each step action you create within the journey path is as easy as pointing and clicking, and selecting an event, action, or condition that will in turn automatically populate your next step to lead them to your desired outcome.

Information you need where you need it, when you need it

Our intuitive pathway builder provides all the important information you need to understand your results.  Templates, triggers and preferences can be mixed and combined with each other and are presented in context in the pathway where they are used.  Always know how many subscribers have completed each step, how many are actively engaging and which content is performing well.


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