Enterprise messaging featuring beautifully designed emails
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Point-and-click simplicity for streamlined campaign creation.

Build your campaigns effortlessly with a tool designed for small business but with the flexibility and complexity required by enterprise.


Create beautiful, responsive emails that look great everywhere

Quickly go from idea to delivery in minutes.  Create mailings reliably and consistently within your brand guidelines and build beautiful content comfortably with built-in editing, collaboration and workflow tools.  Target dynamic and conditional mailings based on demographics, tracked activity and event completion to personalize each mailing to maximize your campaign performance.

Our user-friendly step-by-step editor builds simple and complex campaigns with ease

Use our simple point-and-click editor to step through four simple steps to create effective and engaging messages.

Content Library – Choose from pre-formatted templates and store and use unlimited images and files from your own department asset library and select from only the list segments you need to see.

Pre-tested and formatted to work everywhere, our templates have built-in features such as preheaders, social sharing, and multi-channel versions that make your emails look and work a lot better.

Testing, 1… 2… 3…

Improve email delivery and effectiveness by testing across 90+ apps, browsers, devices and clients.  Test against all major spam filters to quickly find and fix issues before you send.  See how your emails will and devices in just seconds.

Create and send to test groups of your peers to gain and incorporate feedback seamlessly into your campaign creation process.  Test conditional statements and grouped promotions to see all possible variations of your mailing.

Use pre-tested building blocks to build reusable templates

Federate your templates so they are standardized for consistency.  Control, lock-down or re-use template sections to ensure your users send the best looking campaigns.  Ensure quality control and brand consistency using content layouts and by locking template regions.  For each template, control what layouts your end-users have access to, and when and how they can be used.

Create new layouts to simplify and streamline content entry and maintain a centralized library of options to mix/match new template creations.  Never create a bespoke template again and keep your communications exciting and fresh but with consistency and quality that meets your brand and communications style guidelines.


See how our enterprise team features deliver productivity and oversight.