Simple to use mission critical transactional messaging
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Mission critical transaction messaging integrated with all your systems.

Comprehensive, reliable and super fast message delivery with logging transparency that you can rely on for your most critical messaging pathways.  Integrating your back-end systems is super simple with a single enterprise API for all messaging types.

A single enterprise API for all messaging types

SMS or email, single request or batch, high priority or normal processing, opt-in/opt-out suppression, transaction or automation or scheduled notifications.  So many options are available and all are controlled via a single route using our comprehensive Cloud Messaging Stack Enterprise REST API.

Merge transaction data payloads in real-time

Easily merge and transiently store transaction data from your back-end systems and any available dynamic data source.  Use your message data and stored templates to conditionally present personalized and targeted content to alongside your transaction data to build rich and rewarding customer experiences.



Integrate your back-end systems with our Enterprise API.


Real-time, scalable and high availability API. Available with a full audit trail.


Campaign Manager is your power tool for visualization and tracking of all your transaction messaging.


Send SMS or Email transactions and post content to Social Media.

Real-time 1:1 push messaging fully integrated with your business processes.

You need reliability that you can trust with your mission-critical business processes to ensure your message reaches the inbox each and every time.  Centralize your delivery efforts from all your back-end systems through a single messaging bus.  Integrations are made easy with our comprehensive and easy-to-understand Cloud Messaging Stack Enterprise REST API.

Progressive retry algorithms for reliable message delivery

It’s a wide world of issues out there that can affect your message delivery.  Our extensive knowledge and experience are reflected in our systems, when problems occur our delivery algorithms come to the rescue.

Send in batches or as single transactions

Flexible and dynamic batch management options, allow for single requests or large batches using the same API, whether you are sending a high-priority forgot password email or a large nightly batch of bills.

Optimize message load and delivery priorities

Prioritize your message delivery by transaction process.  We work with you to understand your delivery cadence patterns and optimize our queue pipelines to ensure that the right message is delivered at the right time.

Complete delivery transparency

Transaction messaging with complete logging and co-presentation as a real-time events stream of all processing and delivery steps and all message activity.  Solidify your business processes with reliable real-time information presentation to the people and places where it matters most.

Guaranteed time to delivery

Need all your messages delivered in under 2 minutes?  That’s right, we can do that.  We provide delivery pipelines for mission critical messages with time to delivery tracking that allows you to choose the set the service level (SLA) that works best for your business needs.

Spawn automatic automation flows

Initiate relevant and targeted follow-up messages with automatic recipient opt-in to preferences or automation flows on message delivery and automatically suppress further requests based on customer opt-out preferences.

Opt-in/Opt-out notifications

Manage all aspects of a permission-based opt-in transaction messaging flow, like paperless billing.  Easily provide for customer preference capture and multi-channel messaging to send the right notification via the right channel at the right time.


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