Enterprise messaging solutions designed for every industry
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Solutions for every industry.

Tired of one-size fits all solutions?  Think switching costs are high?  Our approach is a breath of fresh air.  Think configuration over implementation, with a solution that evolves to meets your unique and changing needs.

Chances are we have a product solution specifically designed to address your industry.  We have comprehensive end-to-end solutions for businesses of all sizes and needs.

  • Government
  • Service Providers
  • Media & Publishing
  • Retailers & eCommerce


Ensure compliance with relevant privacy legislation and trust in an enterprise-grade cloud to protect your data.  Inform and engage your varied and information-hungry stakeholders.  Build community awareness with timely and recurring newsletters.  Send traceable and individual specific action-oriented messaging across multiple platforms to accomplish your business and service goals.  Federate and control branding and quality across all of your communications across different departments.

Cities & Local

Inform and engage with your constituency.   Send Recreation and Parks program registration information and then message participants further to gain valuable feedback, or increase the ease of doing business with city hall by sending property tax or licensing process from seamless integrations with all of your back-end systems.

State & Federal

Provide centralized messaging management across all agencies and state or federal departments, to provide a single view to the customer of their interactions.  Send drivers license or hunting license renewal reminders and maintain hundreds of preferences separated using a hierarchy structure that meets your needs.


Cross-promote programs between departments to build deeper relationships with each citizen.  Communicate between various stakeholders, businesses, industry and other levels of government with ease.  Federate brand control of messaging templates to ensure quality and consistency of messaging across the entire government.

Service Providers

Incorporating timely and context-specific messaging within your customer order and service processes, delivers efficiency and raises confidence, all while decreasing customer support costs and increases customer satisfaction.

Have the confidence to build reliable and actionable pathways within your business to better service your customers, by relying on our rock-solid message delivery and 100% message routing transparency.


Drive action towards energy conservation programs, get paid earlier and regularly with bill payment reminders, manage service order processes such as connection requests, and empower your CSR with visibility to individual message history.


Deliver holds and overdue notifications, card expiry and annual renewal reminders.  Inform of community events and programs, and communicate with communities of interests on new and interesting collections.


Centralize regular transaction processing for pass purchase and stored-value card top-ups with messaging regarding route information or build awareness for changes occurring within your network.

Health & Safety

Publish circulars for notification and compliance requests to highly focused groups of relevant member groups.  Send regular communications and build awareness for programs and initiatives.


Communicate with member brokers and end-customers alike to communicate product and policy changes, as well as high-volume transaction management for policy payment funding reminders.


Communicate regularly and often with timely market information by sending broadcasts to individuals or groups, across of myriad of preference interests.

Media & Publishing

Drive audience engagement and increase revenue through consistent and highly targeted messaging programs to complement your content development efforts. Convert visitors into subscribers, increase website traffic from email, grow subscriber lists, and decrease churn.


Offer recurring and regular newsletters for each topic area.  Build interest in content and provide a pathway for conversion to a paid subscription.  Offer members-only premium newsletters and build new sources of revenue.

TV & Radio

Keep the conversation going with your audiences before, during and after programming to offer behind-the-scenes and exclusive content, and build on-air personality and program loyalty through a well-informed and highly engaged fan base.

Magazines & Digital

Highlight featured content for wider reading beyond your subscription base through highly targeted newsletter delivery and share content widely using audience development tactics that just work.

Retailers & eCommerce

Fine-tuned permission controls allow for distribution of campaign creation right down to the store-level.  Send highly-targeted promotions by product interest to build awareness for local events, promotions and small-run product releases. Manage your campaign assets centrally to ensure consistent branding and quality and visualize all activity across all stores to gain insight into buying interest and engagement.  Cross-promote current programs and drive repeat purchases using paperless receipts, to build content-rich and relevant transaction messaging.


See how our enterprise team features deliver productivity and oversight.