Enterprise-grade messaging delivered via an enterprise-grade cloud.

Designed for the way your organization works.  Built with teams, departments and workflow.

Ready to integrate with any of your back-end systems.

Cloud messaging built for the specific needs of large enterprises.

A platform designed from the ground-up to service the unique needs of enterprise. We understand how your company works. We understand your teams and your workflow. We understand your data and your complex back-end systems. Most importantly we also know of your need for reliable and mission-critical messaging that reaches the inbox each and every time.

We know all of this because Upaknee Cloud Messaging Stack was built by listening to you, your feedback and your organizations specific needs. We know that by listening carefully, we can continue to provide features and ways of working that lower your overall costs and improve your business processes. It is for that reason, and many more, that we provide all of our enterprise clients with ‘white-glove’ – ‘we are there for you’ customer support.  We even back all of this up with revenue at-risk SLA’s to get the job done.

Designed for

Back-End System
Integration Ready

Enterprise-grade Infrastructure

White Glove Service & Support

Designed for Corporate Teams

Designed to manage the varied needs of your different departments and users, with logically separated views, reports and filters to effectively manage a large number of communications to different stakeholders. Set up as many users as you need and using fine-grained permissions and roles, allow them to see only the data that they need to.

Workflows control how your campaigns are created and deployed to subscribers.  Users can assign tasks, communicate activities and manage processes all with a full audit trail and record of who did what and when, and when used with our federated modular template editor, allow you to lock template areas to ensure that your messages are compliant and produced according to your corporate branding guidelines.

We also work with your existing user management and security practices, offering integrations with Active Directory, Enterprise SSO/SAML support, or sign-in with your Google Apps at Work account, that when combined with permissions and roles and Two Factor Authentication ensure your data is secure and only available to the right people in your organization.

We work the way you do.

Back-end System Integration Ready

Integrate superb message and subscription management with all of your different client systems seamlessly and with flexibility that simplifies data management.  Our comprehensive REST API makes it all happen, by providing extensive flexibility in such things as managing and reconciling subscriber information, triggering emails and exporting statistics.

We manage complexity with ease, offering different modes of list rules and data integrity enforcement, including CRM and CIAM integration with your own unique customer account profiles, householding and anonymous modes, all working seamlessly and interoperably with each other.

Get started right away with secure flat file transfers coupled with data processing rules to provide for subscriber updates and triggered message deployments, and reconcile all of your data with automated imports and exports.

Mirror your own internal IT with dedicated development and QA environments for integration and end-to-end testing, and simplify testing by running simulations with real production data and have all messages automatically redirected to a dedicated Testing Inbox for verification and troubleshooting.

Our systems work with your systems.

Enterprise-grade Messaging Infrastructure

Trust in messaging infrastructure that gets your messages out quickly with our superfast delivery throughput that can scale to meet even the shortest delivery notification requirements.  Adjust your overall message load using priority queuing to ensure the right message is delivered at the right time.

Be confident that your delivered message is seen, with reliable inbox placement for mission-critical emails.  Highly fine-tune and segregate transaction emails channels from campaign mailings with dedicated IP pools and our industry-leading deliverability management practices.

Reliability of service is assured with high availability clusters and backup and disaster recovery built right in, delivered securely and with a full audit trail of data access.  We proudly host all of our infrastructure in Canada, at Tier 4 data centers that are SOC 2 compliant and have passed SAS II 70 audit certifications.

Mission-critical message delivery.

White Glove Concierge Service & Support

At Upaknee we understand well enough the demands of running an effective messaging program, and pair all of our enterprise customers with premium support packages that provide comprehensive all-in, “there when you need us”, customer service.  And with us its always personal, with a dedicated Customer Success Manager and ensure accountability with revenue-at-risk service level agreements.

Our full-service offering also provides active inbox delivery management, with blacklist and spam list monitoring and mitigation efforts, as well as regular inbox detection placement audits to ensure that your messages have no trouble getting through to your customers.

Compliance with legislation, both global and local is important for your internal governance, and with Upaknee we provide internal controls to ensure that compliance is built in to every part of your programs.  We ensure your compliance with CASL, GDPR, and CAN-SPAM so you can rest easy.

Our support team is here to support you whenever you need us.  Reach us using the method most convenient to you.  We offer phone, email and chat support for questions related to our platform and we would love to chat with you about deploying best practices in messaging.

You can count on us.


Call us to see how we can help.