Powerful messaging platform | Enterprise email by Upaknee
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A full stack enterprise messaging platform delivered in the cloud.

An all-in-one B2C messaging for enterprise. Designed for the way your organization works.  Built with teams, departments and workflow.  Ready to integrate with any of your back-end systems.  Consolidate your messaging via our cloud messaging stack and unlock business benefits and economic value.

Explore Cloud Messaging Stack

What is the Upaknee Cloud Messaging Stack?  Put simply, it’s a maturity model for enterprise messaging delivered as a modular, software-as-a-service, feature-rich platform designed from the ground-up to service the unique needs of enterprise. The modular nature of the platform means that it is simple and easy to deploy the right solution for any organization. In addition, the platform has been built to grow with you as your programs become more mature.  This method of deploying solutions not only guarantees you’ve deployed the right solution for the needs of your organization, but it also means you only pay for the services that you will actually need and use.


A Cloud Platform Built for Enterprise

Designed to fit the way that your organization works.  Upaknee’s Cloud Messaging Stack is a simple to implement messaging platform that is easily customized to the needs of your business.  It is a fully managed service that delivers costs savings through a resilient and scalable infrastructure by an experienced team of professionals.


Manage and deliver multiple newsletters with ease

Looking to increase engagement and grow your lists?  Deploy flexible forms and widgets to collect subscriber information using multiple methods that can meet the needs of any growth strategy.  Once collected, Upaknee Cloud Messaging Stack makes it easy to manage subscribers and subscriptions through a central master list architecture.  No need to deal with multiple lists or accounts.


Save costs in your call centre.  Use email instead.

Providing timely information is important for your top line, your customer experience and can remove unnecessary costs.  Your systems should be capable of delivering this experience in a reliable manner. Even more powerful is the comprehensive delivery of messaging from all of your back-end systems through a single proven channel.  Discover how Transaction Messaging through Cloud Messaging Stack can help your organization.


Take your customers on a journey they will love.

Whether guiding your customers through a process, selling a product or just welcoming new subscribers, Automations can deliver a great experience through all customer touch points.  Using a simple drag-and-drop style interface, Automations can be used to quickly to bring efficiencies to all of your processes.


Deliver campaigns across channels like a boss.

Imagine all of the tools complex organizations need to create satisfying and functional messaging campaigns all within a user interface that is point and click simple.  Use our Template Builder for Teams, to create email and text campaigns that adhere to your branding guidelines and are built to look perfect in all of your subscribers devices and applications.


Go beyond opens and clicks.  Gain real business insight.

It is important to know more than just how a single email deployment performed.  Knowledge and Insights give your business users a full view of how your entire messaging program is performing.  Gain full insight in to subscription growth, engagement and campaign success.


See how our enterprise team features deliver productivity and oversight.