About the Company

Upaknee is a leading technology provider of email, mobile, and social media messaging providing ideal solutions for industries of all types.

We were established in 2008 on the premise that organizations, regardless of size, should have access to easy-to-use, sophisticated, and effective online messaging tools.

  We believe in saying yes…

to innovation.  We constantly strive to meet our customers’ changing needs; our goal is to simplify to make things easier for you, finding productivity enhancements and streamlining data flows, all with a view to lowering your total cost of operations.

  All data stored in Canada

100% Canadian, owned and operated. We are compliant with Canadian privacy and anti-spam legislation and to be certain, our data is only located and stored confidently within Canadian borders. We care a lot about this and we think you should too.


[ up-ah-knee ], / ʌpəni /



definition of upaknee

  1. a phonetic respelling of an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “mine”, “yours”, “everyone’s” and most importantly “ours”.  It is our core operating principle, that your success is our success.  We are a team of passionate professionals who believe in people-first partnerships.  We live it together with our clients every day.

Our values

We love listening to our customers, and we strongly believe in delivering outstanding customer service. We are a team of passionate professionals; a dedicated and hardworking team of developers, designers, writers, support staff, project managers, e-marketers, and audience development managers that believe in people-first partnerships.  We are focused on innovation and meeting our customers unique challenges.  We revel in the opportunity to listen intently and partner with our customers to achieve success.  It is after all our most closely held value, that by delivering a platform committed to data compliance, privacy and protection, and understanding well the process of sending permission-based email, that we enable our client’s success, which is our success.  We after all, even named the company for it.  Upaknee. We are in this together with our clients every day.

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You have unique challenges. We have solutions. Our experience across multiple industries means we have product solutions specifically designed to address your needs. See how our platform features can deliver for you.

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147 Liberty Street
Toronto, Ontario M6K 3G3

Upaknee is a federally registered Canadian corporation.
BN# 858599293 RT0001


We are always looking for talented members to join our team. Inquire as to our recent openings and future opportunities at careers@upaknee.com