Elegant and simple subscription management pathways that just work.

Configurable and fully customizable to match your organizations’ look and feel.  Simplify your list management efforts with a solution complete with automated list hygiene and compliance controls for every aspect of maintaining excellent list health and high deliverability.


Throw your subscription acquisition into hyper-drive.

A platform designed to grow your list upwards through new subscriber acquisition and also to grow across your different topic preferences.  Maximize the reach and impact of your content by delivering messages that are relevant and of high interest to your audience.   Increase the number of newsletters you send out and focus them on a specific interest area.  Manage all of this with ease, with out-of-the-box subscription pathways using industry best-practices that have proven effectiveness.

A wealth of options to capture leads and subscriptions

Welcome your subscribers into a long-term relationship with subscriber ingest methods that encourage a deeper and more personal level of communication with your audience.

Build compelling experiences that make a stunning first impression. Use forms, landing pages, widgets, or an API integration directly from your internal systems to capture and maintain permission-based subscriptions with ease.


Embed subscription sign-up forms directly in to your website and present them using a variety of options, from inline, pop-up, and slide in, to timed, exit intent and full-screen modes, all with the flexibility and power your use-case demands. Do all of this with beautiful and mobile-first responsive designs that are on-brand.

Mobile Ready

Custom CSS

Saved Templates

Unlimited forms

Timed Display


Appear on Scroll

Exit Intent

Landing Pages

Turn your readers into subscribers seamlessly, with beautiful and eye-catching, full-screen landing pages.  Present widgets in full-screen mode within your own website theme, or all on their own.

Configure unique and memorable URLs for use in offline marketing, or create and link a landing page to a specific search engine marketing campaign to track attribution and the source of your best performing subscriber acquisition strategies.

Source Atrribution

Vanity URLs + Slugs


Legal Compliance

Custom Dictionary

…and much more


Integrates with other tools.
Proliferate subscription capture events everywhere you collect information by publishing Webhooks or JSON requests to our form endpoints, or conversely broadcasting form and subscription events to other systems.  Easily incorporate subscription sign-ups directly into your order and checkout processes or within any third-party system.

Sync with your customer database.
Maintain a single view of your customer by using your own GUIDs and keep your customer database synchronized with your contact list using regularly scheduled nightly file imports and exports, or by broadcasting Webhooks on event or record changes, or by building a rock-solid integration to do it all in real-time with our comprehensive Enterprise REST API.

Manually add contacts

No matter the source of your subscribers, we have an easy method to add them to your contact list.  Even within the most complex of integrations and data flows, you can use our nifty Add Contacts import wizard to easily step through the process of mapping and uploading data, all while ensuring you are doing so in a manner that is compliant with industry-best leading sending practices and controls.

Acquisition is just the start of a rewarding relationship. Augment subscriptions with more data to build smart audiences with higher engagement.

Get to know your subscribers better, by capturing additional data, activity and explicit permission-based interests.  Create custom fields to gather specific information like their name, customer type, location, and more to build smart audiences of segmented groups.   Promote new and related newsletter publications to existing subscribers and manage all of this easily with advanced features designed to drive subscription growth.

Intelligently segment your audience and cross promote your channels

Build smart, multi-step, paginated forms with custom data fields, to capture additional information after your subscriber has completed their subscription to further target your contact list.  Use strategies that encourage subscribers to provide more information by launching an automation, sending a welcome email with a call-to-action, or providing an incentive such as a lead magnet and build it all right into your form flow.

Use this data and our intuitive Segment Builder to create smart audiences composed of powerful and dynamic criteria for segmentation that enables highly targeted content within messages for a personal feel.

Surface more of your content and develop a deeper relationship with each subscriber.  Combine data sets when you build intersections and unions for cross-promotion and and cross-topic content delivery, all while remaining perfectly compliant with permission-based sending practices.

Embedded widgets occupy space on your website, so they need to perform.  Hyperboost your subscription acquisition efforts with support for related recommendations to extend your reach and relationship with each subscriber.  For your registered users and customers, provide authentication-aware experiences and rules-based widget presentation to ensure your on-screen real estate is never wasted again.

Multi-step forms

Custom Fields

Data Validation

Launch an Automation

Custom Welcome Emails

Lead magnet delivery

Smart Audiences

Target Groups

Dynamic Segments

A/B Testing



Rules-based Widgets

Category and Rotating Widgets

Recommended + Cross Promotion

Authentication Aware

Self-healing Algorithms

CIAM/SSO Integration

Simple subscription management pathways that act like the emails in your list belong to real people.  Because they do.

At the heart of permission-based sending practices, is the idea that an email address belongs to a real person.  Your applications and subscription management pathways work best when they understand this.  Treat the humans in your list to intuitive, seamless and compelling experiences.   We believe that every single contact in your list is a valuable relationship that you worked hard to obtain and it is worth doing all we can to keep.

Lower your list churn with proven and effective out-of-the-box applications

Configurable and fully customizable to match your organizations’ look and feel.  Simplify your list management efforts with a solution complete with automated list hygiene and compliance controls for every aspect of maintaining excellent list health and high deliverability

Our applications provide full solutions to manage subscribers, subscriptions, unsubscribes, and bounce and delivery events compliant with legislation like GDPR and CASL.  We even provide innovative self-service bounce recovery options for your subscribers to ensure they get your message each and every time.

Match your website’s look and feel.  Go beyond ‘insert your logo here’, or co-branded logo’s with your ESP in your subscription management pages.  Our application is completely branded to match your website, and hosted on your own custom domains for a seamless end-to-end customer experience.

We work with your customer profile and login.  We integrate with your website login or with CIAM and SSO providers, like LoginRadius or Okta and Azure Active Directory.  Use authenticated or anonymous experiences side-by-side and switch between them as you gain registered subscribers on your site.

Subscription Pages

Out-of-the-box proven and effective subscription pages for an individual preference,  for entire categories, or centralized for all preferences are provided for both anonymous or registered subscription sign-up experiences.

Preference Management

Edit subscriber profile information, modify permission-based preferences, and manage overall consent with self-service bounce recovery with the flexibility to operate in any registration environment.

One-click Unsubscribe

Quickly manage opt-outs and capture source and reason for leaving all within a fully-branded experience.  Propose decreased mailing frequency or alternate publications as an alternative.

Authentication Aware

Co-exist registered profiles and anonymous website visitors within the same list.  Manage preferences through context-aware pathways that provide the right customer experience to the right subscriber for the right process.


Automatically publish your mailings to the web to allow visitors to browse and read previous versions of all of your publications.

Share to Social

Share your mailing to Facebook and Twitter.  Share individual articles or pursue influencer and net promoter growth by sharing your landing pages.


Out-of-the-box forward to a friend allow your subscribers to share your content within their personal network.

Personal Inbox

Provide personal archives for each registered subscriber so they can view all their previous mailings all in one place.


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