Gain actionable insights from your enterprise messaging programs
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Go beyond opens and clicks with actionable insights.

Make better business decisions with meaningful reports that you can easily share with your team. Inspect and understand your campaign and subscription data to see trends quickly and easily.

Discover opportunities to segment your audience and uncover strategies to fine-tune your messaging programs to understand and reuse your most successful techniques.


Easily sort through mountains of data to see what matters most.

Campaign reporting provides open and click reporting, grouping and sorting data gives you actionable strategies to refine your program.  Delivery reporting provides the visibility you need to understand the effectiveness of your subscriber acquisition efforts.

See subscriber and subscription growth history across your preferences, departments and super groups.  Attribute and understand the sources of your list growth to the programs, forms, and landing pages that perform best.

It’s a mobile world.  With lots of devices and browsers to consider.

Focus on what matters – Optimize your design for the devices and browsers used most commonly by your subscribers.  Preview and view your campaigns how they appear to your readers.

Pull, select, and twist the data that matters most to enable better business decisions.

Surface important metrics to fine-tune your delivery programs, to understand and reuse your most successful techniques. Cut through the noise of mountains of data collection and summarize, compare and view your reports in meaningful ways. Filter and group by department, subscription preference or campaign type. Save dynamic or static reports and easily share the results across your organization.

Build advanced reports and dynamic filters to share across your organization.

Group and filter by super groups, departments or preferences to make sense of your data.  Summarize, compare and save your reports for your future reference or export and share with your colleagues.


Export all campaign snapshots, raw, merged and un-merged code. Visualize your sent emails as it appeared in your subscribers apps, clients and devices, as responsive mobile or full-desktop versions.


Visualize where subscribers are clicking in your email. Downloadable heat maps show you where in your email links are performing and the percentage of subscribers that engaged with them.

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Detailed Stats

See how message is performing in real-time.  View sent, opens, non-opens, bounce, forward and click activity.  Look at your data by unique subscriber activity or by overall performance.

PDF Reports

Easily share versions of your campaigns, as they were at send time.  Create reports using filtered or grouped views of your data and easily produce snapshot reports for sharing throughout your organization.

Work log History

Review all contributions to your message content.  View who created or edited, what approvals were obtained, and the scheduled and send times for each mailing within your campaign.

Delivery and Bounce notifications

Set thresholds and configure alerts to notify you in real-time of delivery activity.  Empower yourself to manage your delivery based on real-time feedback of failed deliveries due to bounce type or spam feedback loops.


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